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The worldwide logistics service, Parcelforce has a good reputation for being reliable and on time to deliver packages to customers around the world. With this being said, clearly, no business is full proof and there must be some measures that can be put into place for situations that may mean additional customer service is needed. The Parcelforce contact number is very important to have at hand in order to file a complaint and get to the problem of whatever issue you are having with their service. This is why the company provides not just a Parcelforce phone number, but Parcelforce UK has a wide range of many other communication channels, apart from the helpline, which may be more suitable and more desirable to use for people wishing to make a complaint or enquire about any issues they are having with Parcelforce.

If you would prefer to call Parcelforce directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call Parcelforce directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Parcelforce Customer Services0344 800 4466
Parcelforce Worldwide0344 800 4466
Parcelforce tracking0344 800 4466
Parcelforce 480344 800 4466
Parcelforce 240344 800 4466
Parcelforce depots0344 800 4466
Parcelforce claims0344 800 4466
Parcelforce delivery0344 800 4466
Parcelforce collection0344 800 4466
Parcelforce international0344 800 4466
Parcelforce express0344 800 4466

Using the Parcelforce helpline

For customer service enquiries about the business, maybe your parcel hasn't arrived on time or is badly damaged and you would like to make a complaint, the best number to ring is the dedicated Parcelforce contact number:

0344 800 4466

Calling this number will get you through to a member of their customer service team that has been trained to deal with your issues and complaints, whatever they might be.

This number is open for a number of hours throughout the week. On a weekday (Monday to Friday), the Parcelforce contact number will be open from 8 AM in the morning, until 7 PM at night and this gives ample opportunity and plenty of time for somebody who is perhaps working full time in a 9 AM until 5 PM job for example. On a weekend, these hours are shortened and on Saturday the line will be open from 8.30 AM in the morning until 5 PM, whilst on a Sunday, the line will open slightly later at 9 AM in the morning until the same time as Saturday, 5 PM at night until it closes. These opening hours give the customer a wide range of options when choosing to file a complaint and give the opportunity to most people to call, despite them having a busy lifestyle. However, it is worth mentioning that these opening hours do exclude bank holidays.

Other Channels of Communication With Parcelforce

The Parcelforce website has a dedicated section for contacting them:

This provides information on different reasons to contact them, for a quote, a complaint etc. and also includes the Parcelforce contact number, that was previously mentioned.

Among the alternative channels of communication is an option to send a quick message that will allow a customer to instant message one of the customer service advisors, if they are online to help at the time the message is to be sent.

Getting in contact with the Parcelforce customer service support team - is it worth it?​

This can also provide the customer a means to track a parcel that they may be having delivered and it is always a good idea to do this, as it may explain some of your worries and this allows you to see where your parcel is and if you can expect to have it soon. The page also has a quick quote option for customers who might not have a complaint and just want to compare prices of the services they want.

In addition to the Contact Us website, Parcelforce UK also has some dedicated social media accounts to the service that can be sued by customers to make enquiries about the whereabouts of a parcel for example. One form of popular social media, used by many today is a Twitter account:

This can and in the past has been used by many to get a hopefully quick and short answer to a complaint or enquiry. This should mainly be used for issues that are perhaps less pressing, urgent or complicated than those that need to be communicated on the phone and can be a quick and easy way to get your questions answered.

Other ways to contact Parcelforce​

Parcelforce UK also has a Facebook page that can be used in a similar way to the Twitter page, allowing group members to post their issues to the administrators who will be trained in customer service and as Facebook is a more widely used social platform, this may be the right option for you:

This can be used in much the same way as a twitter account, however, customers may find the page more useful as there will be more information on it about the company, their attitudes, ethics, values and customer service actions.

The website also contains a help and advice section that contains common issues that have been previously or continually dealt with in the style of a typical FAQ section on a website. It is always worth checking these pages before a full scale enquiry is launched by contacting the company through the Parcelforce contact number because it is quite often the case that any problem you are having has been dealt with before and a quick and easy resolution could already be available online, that has been proven and verified to work by another customer in their past experience with the company.

Parcelforce Opening Hours

DayOpening Hours
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8am - 7pm
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Parcelforce Head Office contact address

Parcelforce Headquarters UK
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