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Contacting companies can be a daunting task, whether that be on or offline. Not only can it be difficult to locate the correct contact details, you may find that you have missed their contactable opening hours, or if you have finally gotten through the long waiting queues, you may not receive the help that you initially wanted.
Making the first initial contact is important however difficult it may be. It provides you as the customer a platform to speak your mind and give your feedback, not matter how positive or negative it may be.

How do you make contact with a company?

Making contact with a company shouldn’t be as difficult as it may first seem. The first key point is to find the companies contact details and these can normally be located on their website or on the back of a receipt. Most websites store their contact details at the bottom of their homepages or within the ‘help’ section of their site.
These sections most commonly hold contact numbers, email addresses, contact forms, live chat features and even company physical addresses. Some websites even have a section for FAQs where more simple questions can be answered without having to make direct contact with the company.

Why you should contact a company first?

There are many reasons why you may want to contact a company, it may be that you want to ask about a specific service that they provide, you have a question/query that needs to be answered or you may want to make a complaint. Whatever the reason, it is important that you make the first initial contact. Companies don’t initially know if there is a problem with a service or a member of staff, so it is up to you as the customer to make them aware so that they can build and improve on their errors.

What are the most common complaints to companies?

Each company is different, the way they handle their complaints is also very different, but with all companies the one thing they have in common is complaints.
Most complaints evolve around problems with the service that is provided by the company and that can be a service that is provided on or offline. If a companies main platform is a website then you may find that most of your complaints are based around issues with the platform. Complaints can even surround poor customer service from team members, missing tracking/product information, damaged goods and even late or non-existent deliveries.

When is the best time to contact a company?

All companies have different contactable hours, but there is always a certain time during the day when it is better to contact a company.
Most companies have their busy periods first thing in the morning, so when most people are preparing to head out for the day, during the middle of the day, so normally around lunch and then again at the end of a typical 9-5 working day, when many a preparing to head back home.
The best time to contact a company is in-between all of the hours stated above, or if you find that it is merely impossible for you to contact a company via telephone, then opting for their social media or email links may be a better alternative. Choosing these options doesn’t always provide you with instant replies but it does free up your time and allows you to speak more freely.

Why You May Wish to Call Any UK Company

  • For businesses

    Customers play an integral role in any organisation. They are
    the pillars of business success and many organisations strive
    to expand their clientele base to maintain their market share
    and increase revenues. It is important that businesses
    endeavour to find new clients that will spawn business growth
    and expansion and replace the ones who drift away at some
    stage. Customer contacts act as the grease that oils
    business wheels, which sustain its continuity and achieve the
    set goals. At Customer Service Guide, we
    provide you with every kind of support that you might need to
    connect to any UK company of your choice and achieve your
    business goals.

  • For Individuals

    Whether you want to contact your insurance firm to request
    for a quotation or learn more about their policies, we will
    help you make direct calls to the right department and save
    you valuable time. Checking if your taxman will refund your
    overpayments? At Customer Service Guide, we make it
    easier for you to find the right person in the tax department
    who can have your queries answered in no minute. Perhaps you
    want to query about the latest charges made on your credit
    card? We will help! Find out reasons behind mobile network
    outages or call to enquire about your TV and broadband
    subscriptions. Want to save money on utility bills? Make
    direct calls to your gas and electricity supplier to find out
    the kinds of deals they offer.

We serve a wide range of clients!

Regardless of whether you’re a business or an individual, you
will find it essential to connect to your customers and UK
companies. We at Customer Service Guide we
strive to make your communications seamless. We aim to make it easier for
you to get through any UK company, ranging from HSBC to Anglo
American, from Tesco to Aviva, and from Unilever to Centrica. By
dialing our direct number indicated on our site, you will save
yourself the hustle and start communicating with one of our
customer representative within no time. This will leave you an ample
time to concentrate on other more important activities of your
life or organisation. Get started today!

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